I took the Phillip Bloom Weekend Challenge

This being my first post as Bearboyd Films I thought it would be good to write about something and keep it short. Simply because it was an exercise in filming a sequence for the Phillip Bloom’s Weekend Challenge and making it seem interesting, relevant and workable. No mean feat I can tell you.

You see it may seem easy to stick several different shots together in a film but they don’t always work hence the need for coverage. I am assuming anyone reading this knows what coverage is, filming as much of one scene as required to make it work or edit together and I am sure some people out there would have a different take on what coverage means to them.

Phillip Bloom is what you would call a DSLR Guru and there is much he does not know on how to handle these small little stills cameras. I called them a stills camera and not video for 2 reasons, firstly these are a digital camera and do not come under the title as a camcorder and secondly they do not shoot video. In fact I very rarely shoot on tape these days since switching to DSLR and most recently the Sony FS100, beautiful (film) camera.

The challenge and intention from Mr Bloom was to get all us filmmaking people off our bums at the weekend and shoot something, anything and so to keep it interesting a topic set as making a sequence from filming washing up to tidying the garden but make it a sequential piece of work. Having nothing to do not even any editing I decided to do some form of filming must to my wife’s annoyance because I set my topic of interest within the kitchen. You can see my final result below.

By the time we had the kids in bed and dinner eating and my wife snuggled up to a book in the living room it was dark and I hate filming under spotlights in a kitchen. The upside of this is my run and gun kit is small consisting of a Canon T2i (If you are from the USA) tripod, small 7″ LCD monitor, Camera Slider and a well needed Zuiko 50mm 1.8 lens and can handle the environment of a kitchen spotlight array of 4 x 50 watt bulbs.

The downside of my rush into filming a short sequence for the challenge was a lack of lighting kit. I do not own my own lights and normally hire these in on a project to project basis. You can see in some shots great big black ares of nothingness the would need to be filled out with some sort of lighting source to achieve a balance and additionally my Cameras gain was working overtime to correct the lack of lighting even on this lens.

I had very little space to work with in the kitchen using 2 tripods, one for the camera and slider and the monitor on the little lightweight system, so I had to cheat a few shots in order to make the lighting fit into the sequence and avoid harsh shadows. I think my tip here for people who may not have enough lighting is to shoot in daylight or alternatively pour very additional practical lighting source onto the subject and scene and add a reflector at the least. There is no excuse for not owning one since they are very inexpensive and you can pick one up on Amazon or Ebay for a few pounds/Dollars.

Anyway, have a look at my sequence and express your views on how I should have lit this piece.

Melon-Choly A Film By Gavin Bearfield-Boyd


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