Basic Camera Training with your DSLR

Basic Camera Training with the Canon 550D (T2i)

You’ve bought your shiny new or matt black Canon 550D DSLR stills camera and you want to get out there and be creative but hang on one moment. The Canon is much much more than just a large sensor stills camera with 18 millions pixels bursting out to be creative. It is also a very dedicated and capable movie camera with the ability to film with a shallow depth of field and dynamic range giving you cinematic film video akin to what you see on the big screen. ImageHowever, you must understand that this camera along with its bigger brothers the Canon 5D and 7D and other DSLR’s or HDSLR’s as some call them are a stills camera 1st and a video camera 2nd. This means they have limitations on how you can achieve your creative masterpiece particularly when it comes to camera shake and detail and need you to provide some additional add ons to truly release theirs and yours potential. Other limitations that separate this camera from a normal camcorder is that you can only film non stop for up to 29 minutes or 4GB’s and anything other than this would class it as a movie camera. Now how you pimp your Canon 550D depends on how much you want to spend and there are hundreds of additional HDSLR add-on’s out there designed to enhance the capabilities of this little camera but also some useless products designed to relieve you of cash too. I will take you through the proper use of this brilliant little camera over the next few pages and show you how to get the most out of it, what it can and cannot do and how to make your films look outstanding and very cinematic.


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