New Car Photography site

New Car Photography site

Over the last few months I seem to find it harder to find certain pictures and digital print projects around my system. Sometimes you move a picture to this drive and then youMessy desk work on an external program and copy it back to another drive and it all get into a bit of a muddle. I have numerous drives, which I keep my media files on and never keep them on the system drive…ever, but what is the point of having a portfolio on your PC or Mac system if you can never point a prospective client to your work. So i decided a few days ago to start an online portfolio for my photographic work in the hope that at least somewhere on the web somebody will come across and view it. I found a great little site with loads of wordpress style looking pages called Portfoliobox. There are many great and individual looking pages to choose from and very customizable even across the range. I did find it a little unnerving trying to figure out certain ways to upload media and headers too were tricky trying to customize, but it is worth the effort and little headache to finally have a professional looking portfolio site for free. If you want to unlock more professional options on the site at Portfoliobox then its very easy too, but for me right now I can see my work online and in one place.Car Interior


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