Espresso Camera Tip #2 Lens Bashing

Not an assault 

It does sound odd and down right aggressive but lens bashing or Free lensing as it is also known is a great creative way to film and photograph images in a more organic way. It involves having your camera lens detached from the body of the camera, therefore a DSLR seems a good bet these days but try not to worry too much about dust getting onto the sensor unless shooting in extreme conditions, example, in the desert. The whole point of this creative shooting is to allow light, (which usually filters through the glass of your lens) to hit the sensor from the side. Light entering the cameras sensor gives off a dream light state and light leaks that you normally add to in post but I do find these organic lights to be more natural and can also add a tilt shift effect to the shot during handling of the lens. Tilt shift in brief is an illusion are eyes see when the foreground and background are in a narrow depth of field. Here it appears that the subject of the composition is tiny in comparison and it is also why many tilt shift photographs and video look their best shot from a high angle too. Certain lens’s also tend to work better than others because of the distance between the lens element and sensor.Free Lensing

There are ways to get good results when bashing your lens but I find its best to practice this on your own if you know what I mean.


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