I may have missed out on attending this years event the Salon Prive luxury car and Concours show in West London but I found something better.

As a filmmaker and car enthusiast I love lines and beauty but nothing more so and extravagant than an event which oozes more sex appeal than Jay Kay’s driveway, so I was relieved and excited to discover after a client’s commission a new and more youthful car enthusiast’s event, The Shere Hill Climb in Surrey. It is new and not yet overrun with people trying to sell to you and with a very wet afternoon in Shere Hill near Guildford I found this refreshing as I filmed the numerous Ferrari GT 308’s and a Dino alongside a McLaren MP4 and one of my first classic car loves a Sunbeam Alpine. Old and new alike side by side in a muddy field near Guildford and even with the torrential rain everyone stayed to the end of the day.

This Woodstock for cars had something for everyone and car owners and spectators turned up to watch a few hundred cars speed up a hill over a mile with straw bales as chicanes for charity. It was great!

I arrived at 6.30am to capture a timelapse of the sunrise, which was lucky considering the days weather ahead and I decided to film a run up the course for extra footage to the client. I believed my 4 minute drive was fast enough in my Seat Ibiza 1.4 S! but sitting in my clients car later was a butt clenching thrill I will never forget as we made the hill time in 1 minute. Its not for the faint hearted, yet young and old, fast cars and slow including a Fiat 500 climbed the Surrey countryside to whoops from the crowds.

I have managed to capture some great footage in the dry and wet for my client and I have no doubt helped in some way for this charitable event with a film documenting their first car spectacle.

This Shere Hill Climb has the car enthusiasts interest at its heart and has not been overrun with business’s trying to sell to you, yet!

Documentary film coming soon.Jaguar_shere_hill_climb



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