Video Content Campaign Ideas

If you want to start creating regular video content for your Internet marketing efforts, you are going to need to step outside the television commercial mindset. You’ll want to start creating videos that your target audience will choose to watch because they relevant and interesting, not because they are forced to.

This is not easy, especially if you are trying to publish videos with any sort of frequency. Here are a few ideas over the next few days for publishing ongoing, relevant and useful video content that your audiences will want to watch. The following examples are only good examples of content, not production quality. The quality level of your production will depend on your skills, time and money invested.

1. FAQ Videos

Create an ongoing series of videos where you answer specific questions. You can create a single short video for each answer to build a nice collection of video content you can add to your blog and Youtube/Vimeo channels. FAQ videos not only help your prospects get the answers they need, they can help free up the valuable time you or your staff spends answering them.

Lowe’s created a series of videos offering answers to common household maintenance questions. This particular video would also work well for a pool builder:

Author credited to Innovative Marketing Resources


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