This happens so many times as a small business no matter which industry you happen to work in but more so as a Sole Trader running on a daily basis and between jobs. Procrastination is like an illness to business similar to having a cold only this can stay with you longer unless you do something about.

It’s a familar scenario as I do this every morning getting up with the family at 6.30 am (True) Seeing the wife off and getting the kids ready for school and back at my work from home desk as a Video Production company and sit for 30 minutes going through my emails. Is this procrastination, I think so because 80 % of said emails are spam or group notices from either facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc….etc.. do I need them? Yes and No because they offer up small ideas in ways to approach new businesss for potential work and even fantastic ideas have come from mundane email receipts. However, it really is a way for me to waste time in the morning pretending that I am acting as a business when I should be actively working at a business.

Procrastination at workAnother area where this illness strikes is when leaving the social media sites tabs on during the work day which can be such a big distraction that you could even be teased into checking them on a regular basis to see whats been going. You see business owners spend a great deal of their time well, finding business. Making contacts and marketing their produts and or services to existing clients and new ones takes time and nothing wastes time than taking a short 5 minute break which turns into 15 and 30 minutes at a time patrolling Facebook or Twitter hoping that some new business client will pop up and hire you. Take them for what they are social media sites where people hang out and see what others are doing rather than actively working together except for some of the group features where like minded professionals can look for work the main structure for social media is to communicate but most of it I find is between friends and family. A familiar scenario again is posting of video links and sandwich deals alongside images to other members of these sites in order to get a response and also share it onwards to others. I would say that I have never worked on a project with another facebook or Twitter member and as a member of Linkedin and Google + who are more geared towards business I have as yet to see the benefits here too because only a small minority of the business want to work with you.

Making deals is something I am uncomfortable with because I this involves selling yourself. Some people are great at seling themselves to potential clients and promise the earth plus a percentage.  Some over sell and others under sell but sometimes I find myself procrastinating at work as form of avoidance because I have to speak with complete strangers about how wonderful I am and what my business service can do for them. I am confident in my abilities and video business but was brought up to believe that this is showing off and no one likes a show off do they however, it has to be said that in order to grow in business you have to step outside your comfort zone. The fact of the matter is that procrastination is little more than a way to avoid doing important things at work because there is always something to do and people to meet and business deals to make but sitting inside our Procrastination bubbles at home or the office will only serve to fuel this little monster and make it bigger and bigger each day before one day you sit down at the PC and stare.


My advice is turn the computer on switch off the Social Media sites and notifications, make a daily list of things to achieve and make sure the clock is not in your view.






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