About Me

I own a small full service Television and corporate production company called Bearboyd Films in the North east of England and enjoy my job immensely. I believe that professionalism and high production value at lower end costs is the key to my clients success and this is the reason that they keep coming??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? back to me. As a smaller video production company I and my staff have to offer more to people and business’s who want a more personal service that understands their needs and that of their clients too and in order to reach this level of expertise they require a certain panache and polished service that fits around their corporate identity.

That’s where I fit into the equation handling their accounts big or small at any level be it for their corporate branding or across their intranet,  even webinars within their organisation are handled with the same expert knowledge and technical backup that is sadly missed by others. 

I will continue to strive by offering my clients the best service and advice in order to meet heir growing need’s and by also offering a multitude of additional services such as Digital Photography services alongside full service commercial and corporate digital film production, post production editing and graphic and VFX work.







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